The Feminine Touch is a creative space in the magazine designed exclusively for our female audience, which is the wives and girlfriends of professional footballers and sports athletes.  

We cover many timeless features including the latest luxury fashion, interiors, cosmetics, travel and wedding planning, as well as interviews with the girls, tv personalities and other celebrities. 

The magazine is distributed nationally to our female audience at their residential addresses but also to a select number of exclusive venues.

SWM and the feminine touch combine to bring one publication to both the player and his partner.
The complete lifestyle publication for an affluent couple enjoying the finer things in life.
If you would like to target this market our feminine touch space is perfect for you


Since getting to know the team at SWM I have found the magazine to be very useful with sourcing items and services for our home and family. Until I did my first interview with the magazine I didn’t realise that we could get really good recommendations and better rates for things that we needed, the team at SWM are always really prompt with their responses and make sure that we have what we need at the best rate possible. I’m always recommending SWM to friends, as I genuinely believe that you offer a great service.

Rebekah Vardy

I love the variety! I love to see different sports people being interviewed and I think it is really interesting to see how different people see fitness, nutrition and training. I also love the variety from fashion, it was amazing for us to see John’s brand Thomas Royall in the magazine and also, all of the new brands that are up and coming… The holidays and lifestyle… there is such a great diversity and it is really high end.
I love it.

Toni Terry

I love reading the feminine touch section as it gives an insight into the fabulous lifestyles of other wives/girlfriends. The interviews with women who have become their own bosses makes me feel so inspired. The fashion/beauty/interior columns are spot on and I love seeing labels I’ve never come across before! My partner and me have never wanted to read the same magazine before Sports World Magazine came along, it’s perfect for us both.

Elinor Fay

It is very inspiring to read the stories of other women in the sports world and see how they are building successful businesses while also taking care of their families and dealing with the unpredictable football careers of their partners.

Kaylee Ramman 

 The Feminine Touch Section of Sports World Magazine has to be the most elegant and inspiring section for us Women. I love reading it to see other Women doing well with what they do! I’m totally in love with the Fashion side to it too, gives me great ideas for outfits! Just an all round perfect read and it’s gorgeous to look at!

Talitha Minnis

 I love reading the magazine for the latest fashion must haves, current trends and I especially LOVE the interviews with women I can relate to day to day!

Laura Mitchel

Feminine touch is perfect for keeping up to date with all the latest fashions and designer goodies! You can also find the most beautiful hotels in the most perfect locations. Great mag, I couldn’t go without it!

Zara McKnight

The feminine touch style section is a unique addition to SWM.
The vast range of features showcase success, inspiration and knowledge from a range of female entrepreneurs from beauty to home styling. Hearing women’s professional journeys provides an insight not only for those building their own business, but for the everyday reader too.

Sally Rae

 Really enjoyed my first copy of sports world magazine. Lots of great content, in depth and personal interviews and The Feminine Touch section really gives the whole magazine a stylish edge. Quality fashion write-ups and lifestyle recommendations make this magazine a professional read from start to finish. With so much to read and check out, it’s much more than your average magazine. My husband and me both equally enjoy receiving it at home and at the training ground, we can’t wait for next issue.

Leoni Waghorn